Guidance with operation change of UZURA WALLET


Thank you for using “Uzura Wallet”.  The operation of “Uzura Wallet” has been changed to Davao Horizon Inc. Davao Horizon Inc. is an IT company located in Davao, Philippines.

Davao Horizon Inc. signed a business transfer agreement on the date of July 9th,2019 regarding the transfer of “Uzura Wallet” from @uzuracanfly and @katuo_meme. I would like to inform you of the succession status and future prospects of contracts and assets related to business transfers.

(1) In order to continue to use the Uzura Wallet, we transfered the Uzura Wallet seervice to Davao Horizon Inc on December 7, 2019. It is necessary to approve the procedure.

・ Approval of contract succession
・ Approval of terms of service
・ Approval of privacy policy
Please note that customers who do not agree cannot use the “Uzura Wallet” for anything other than withdrawal.

Please check URL:

(2) Regarding UZZ management

The 700,000,000 UZZ owned by the management will be distributed as follows, and @uzuracanfly and @katuo_meme will be locked up for one year.
Davao Horizon Inc .: 300,000,000UZZ
@uzuracanfly: 300,000,000UZZ (no use until November 30th, 2020)
@katuo_meme: 100,000,000UZZ (no use until November 30th, 2020)

(3) About TAKA Developers

TAKA Developers will be completely separated from Uzura Wallet and become @uzuracanfly personal project.

 (4) Organization of Discord community

Organize chat rooms that are not functioning.
・Organization of position
・Organizing chat rooms
・Deleting MEE6

(5) Future schedule

The following is the current schedule.
・November 30, 2019 : Business transfer started
・December 6, 2019 : Service relocation maintenance
・December 15, 2019 : Discord community maintanance
・December 30, 2019 : Business transfer completed

@uzuracanfly and @katuo_meme will continue to be in charge of development and support centering on Davao Horizon Inc.  Thank you for your continued support of “Uzura Wallet”.

Posted by katuo